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Newbie Introduces Self!!

Hey folks, I'm the newb, the name's Amy, recurve_archer , I see this community is for Archery, so I'm gonna plonk myself down here! I do Recurve, as the name suggests, but I'm looking into Crossbow Archery at the moment...I hope y'all don't mind my random turning up here!

I'm shooting a Sebastian Flute riser, Axiom limbs and Eason arrows, I have various other bits to it, Cartel sights, Blacksheep longrods and twins, the whole enchilada!

Anyways, thats me!

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Hiya! I'm a silent watcher, new to archery (recurve) and still learning the basics. I like to hang out and read posts, don't have a lot to contribute.
Hi. I am an advanced archer (longbow), but I'm from Russia and my English is bad, so I just read.
Hello, Amy. Welcome to the group. I'm Ted, and I've been competing since I was 15.

I also shoot crossbows, so if you have any questions, let me know.
Hey, Ted! I'm only seventeen, competed in three shoots and have come away from all of them with medals!

I'm loving crossbows at the moment, was shooting before with my friend Brian. I'm dying to get one, need the licence first though!

Anyway, nice to make your aquaintence, Ted!