Hey starlet (freakshownia) wrote in archery,
Hey starlet

My first archery lesson is on Saturday! I'm so excited! Archery is the only sport I've ever been really good at, but I haven't done it in oh... 13 years or so, so I'm hoping to just hit the target my first time back at it, heh. I prefer longbows to compound bows, though I'd like to get experience using both.
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Good luck! I'm re-starting on Tuesday (I shoot recurve) after a 3 year break and I'm super-excited too! I hope it goes well for you. :)
Have a great time! Like you, I enjoy shooting both kinds. It has been raining here for 2 weeks, so I haven't been able to go out to the range (it is a swamp), and I really miss it already!
Hope you enjoy it! I'm sure you will hit the target, but I'd say it was more important just to enjoy again the feeling of holding and drawing the bow and releasing the arrow.
How did it go?
It went well! I'm going to continue with lessons.