demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in archery,

Arrow Rests

I just purchased a Genesis Pro bow and it did not come with a arrow rest, and I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should get.

I'm just using the bow for run target practice, no hunting or competition. I'd like to spend as little as possible. I took a class where we used the Genesis (standard) bows but I cannot remember what kind or arrow rest they had. I know they weren't anything fancy, that's for sure.

Can anyone help me out? Could I use one of the wire rests like this (which it says is for a recurve)?

I'm going to take it into a shop soon to have a knocking point put on, but I'd like to know a bit about what I should be looking for before I'm talked into a $50 arrow rest.

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I have a cheap little wire rest on my recurve, and it's just fine.
Only the Genesis Pro is a compound.
I don't know it for new compound bows, but on my society is one quite old compound bow which has a normal recurve arrow rest. As long as the arrow is going through the center/middle of the bow I think you can use a normal cheap wire arrow rest.
2 cheap recurve arrow rests (at least here in Holland) are 'CAVALIER CAR 341-342' 17.80 euro and 'NAP QUICKTUNE 800' 22.50 euro

The cheap rests I'm looking at here are like $3 for a plastic thing, or like $10 for a wire.

I just can't remember what we had at the club!

Thanks for the info though!!
Sorry, made a mistake. I ment cheap compound rests instead of recurve
Oh! Ok, thanks!

like the above, as long as the arrow is passing near center, you should be fine. the cheap plastic ones and many of the wire ones heve a hole for a button to pass through if you need to adjust things that way. If it is close to center, you can tune your bow by spineing the arrows, or shimming the rest.
Once forced to, by marketing reasons, Fred Bear shot his compounds off the shelf and his were modified by dropping the rest so a drawn arrow with a broadhead touched his finger. . . basically, he shot off his knuckle, even though the arrow was on the shelf. He used the "Bear Hair" rug rests and plates and shimmed them to tune the bow to his arrows.

To shim your choice out, use thicker or two or more layers of two sided tape to attach it to the bow. If it needs more than 3 layers of tape, I'd look at some other arrangement though. I'm not overly familiar with the Genesis, so I'm not sure how far back the window is cut.

I'm about to set up a compound I was given that is a right hand bow, but I am a lefty. It is an old PSE made for overdraw. The window on it is cut 7/16 or more past center to clear blades on broad heads.
I found I am able to shoot it rather well if I use a Mongolian release, and all I need to do is change the string out (too old to trust), and change the poor rest it came with (and that will drop the bow's weight by a pound or so...egad the thing is heavy) but mine is cut too far over for a simple rest like a wire or the plastic ones. I'll have to form something up, or take the hit for a "Whisper Bisket", but they want freaking $50 for one.
Thanks for all the info.

I actually ended up buying the NAP one mentioned above. It was $30 - more than I was looking to spend but the store I went to didn't have much more. And I got really good service, blah blah :)

You can get some whisker biscuits online for around $20 if you look!