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Archery one of the best!!

I have been doing Archery for nigh on 10 years now and I started out with a Hickory Long Bow with White Cedar Arrows.

In the past 2 years my husband brought me a 40# draw Compound to hunt with saying that my 25# draw Hickory Long Bow wouldn't stand up to hitting a Buck at 50 yrds - proved him wrong and took out a 6 point buck weighing in at a generous 120#. This year I intend to hunt with my Compound and see if I can do better or not.

I have been teaching my 7 year old Daughter and my 5 year old Son how to shoot a traditional Long Bow before they start on the Compounds, if only to work on their arm muscles and aim. Felicia is doing well and my husband has agreed to buy her her own bow for her birthday in a weeks time, her brother will have to wait at least a year or two before he gets his.

It is great to find a community that likes Archery as much as I do.
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