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Newb Equipment

I've been taking an archery "class" for a few weeks now.
I kinda like the sport, but honestly am not really sure how much I'll be participating in it. I know a couple people who bow hunt and so far they've been open and want to go "shooting" targets with me. But beyond that - I'm not sure how "into" the sport I'd get.

So, despite this I think I want to get a bow of my own, so that I CAN go shooting, and have the option of joining a league or something if I want. The problem is I'm not sure what to get!!

I don't want to invest too much money, so even though I love the compact size (and awesome speed) of a compound, I'll probably stick to a recurve. I figure I can upgrade if I really get involved.

I've been thinking of just getting a Genesis bow.
- relatively inexpensive
- compact like a compound
- shoots faster than a regular recurve
- seems easy (no choosing between risers and limbs, etc.)
- if I want to take my cousin or the girl I mentor out, they'd be able to use the bow too (assuming they can pull the weight I set it at.)

HOWEVER - It's not really a bow that would grow with me too much. But, I'm not sure it has to?

What does anyone think??
Would I be better off getting a separate riser and limbs?

I'm so just confused!!!

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