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vacation shooting reportage

Went on Vacation to my old hometown of Gladstone Michigan.
I was riding much of the way with others, so I brought only my Hunnish Horsebow, 55#@24".
I had 9 of my new heavy point loaded carbon arrows(109 grain lead weights behind the insert with 140gr field points with a 3 inch section of 2117 over the insert and shaft, 5"@4 fletch), 3 of my really heavy shafts (2317 with 165gr lead and epoxy behind the insert, and a 140gr point, 2 with 5"x4 fletch and one with 4 5.5 highbacks), a couple of weight tubed 2117s (26" tubes@ 9gr/in) fletched 4x5.5, 2 beater stump shafts(I think one is a 2117, and the other a 2216) with 6 5.5" highback fletches, and one light carbon shaft, 31" with a 125gr point, and 3x5.5" highback fletches. All the other shafts are cut to 27", all fletches are left wing, and high helical. Almost max setting on a Bohning Jig.
Once I got there, my Dad gave me an old PSE compound. It was poorly set up for my ex-brother-in-law. He is shorter than I and it is set for 70#@30". I cannot anchor the bow using a release, as it is back around my shoulder. The sight is off and it is very heavy. But it shoots alright. The biggest problem, was the rest was an over draw and the 5" fletches, never mind the 5.5" would interfere, unless I pulled the bow back just a bit, before finally fully drawing.

On our property, an old farm, there is an old rifle range, and it is 100 yards from the target area to the shooting bench, but the field it is in is longer.
I shot my heavy tubed arrows with my Hun and be damned if they didn't fly to 150 yards. the six fletched arrows nearly matched that, coming down less than a yard from the heavies. Boy, did those 6 fletch arrows spin! I grabbed the light weight 3 fletch, and shot it from further back at the hill used as a backstop for the range. I was able to stick it into the middle of the hill from 175 yards out fairly consistently.
Just for fun, I shot the compound. I used the three crappy arrows it had and shot very high up. It went a bit over 100 yards still. So, I got out the other arrows. The best I got with an aluminum on it was 175 yards. I decided that loosing the light carbon would not bother me, so I got it and shot the thing. Amazing, where the Hun was only 25 yards behind the heavier and faster compound with aluminum arrows consistently, the compound shot the far lighter carbon a good 60-65 yards further.

I didn't use the mechanical release for shooting the compound, and much of my shooting was done with a Mongolian style release. The let-off allowed me to do it with no thumbring or glove, and I plane on using the bow for that reason. If I can get consistent with it, I will then try the style on my Horsebow. I've seen a guy in Hungary who shoots a modified thumb release that works better for my aim than shooting off the thumb knuckle.

Practice practice. That is harder here now. First, it was all of mid to high 70's(24-25c) back home and a bit chilly at night (low 50's/10-12c) and here it is low 100's(34-36c!).
I need to buy more feathers and just fletch in the AC.
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